Cooking your Favorite Foods in Healthier Ways

When it comes to cooking healthy food a lot of attention goes to selecting the good and proper ingredients which are loaded with nutrients, similarly it is also important to focus on the way you prepare the food as well. There are some tips that can be helpful to cook your favorite food in a healthier way. 


1. Make cooking fun and be creative

Make cooking fun and be creative

Once you get into the habit of cooking at home, you will develop a comfortable routine and you will prepare healthy food. You may try to cook new dishes and also can replicate restaurant dishes at home. One can also try to cook a dish with your own idea, defiantly the new version of the dish will be amazing and you will also get more interest to cook.


2. Add protein, minerals, and vitamins to your favorite foods

Add protein, minerals, and vitamins to your favorite foods

When you prepare your own favorite food at home it’s much easier to cook it in a healthier method. You have to make some changes to the ingredients, like replacing healthy things with unhealthy ones. When you cook keep in mind that you have to add vitamins, minerals, and protein to the following recipe and you will achieve your health goals. Eating healthy food doesn’t mean giving up your favorite food. You just have to think about how the recipe can be made in a healthy way. For example, adding certain vegetables, meat, and fruits to the normal recipe.


3. Search healthier recipes for your favorite foods

Search healthier recipes for your favorite foods

Search recipes that feature healthy ingredients as well as a healthy method of cooking the food. Find a recipe which ingredients you already have at home which will save money and stress. Make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner all three of them should have a healthy meal so you will be fit and fine.


4. Watch out for liquid calories

Watch out for liquid calories

Everyone focuses on the calories which are consumed in the form of food while forgetting to track the calories got from the liquid intake in a day. So do you love tea, sweetened coffees, and juice? You might be drinking coffee or tea 3 to 4 times a day when you are tired or stressed. Whether you know the impact of this drink on your body and also how much calories and sugar it has. Make sure to check and track the calories and health impacts of your favorite drinks. You can find some healthier alternatives as well.


5. Cook using an alternative method for fry food

Cook using an alternative method for fry food

You must be knowing oil is not good for heart health and can increase the calories in the body. If there are any of your favorite food which includes deep frying, you can just change the method of your cooking, instead of deep frying, you can bake, roast or cook in the oven. There are so many tips that you can get online which can be helpful. Now you can also get an air fryer which actually needs less or say no oil to cook the food.


6. Make time to cook and prep

Make time to cook and prep

You can make cooking easier through a variety of methods, by getting a bit smart. It’s true that cooking is a big task and sticking with the cooking plan is more difficult. Because many times it happens that you think and get ready to prepare a meal but in between you go out or order something and all to eat. Cooking is time-consuming work. As you can get smart and just do a few things which can actually save you time, like ordering kinds of stuff instead of going personally to the shop, preparing the veggies which you are going to make on the next day like cleaning, chopping. Think and plan what to cook the next day it will save time and you can eat your favorite food as well.


7. Organize your kitchen

Organize your kitchen

Before cooking, begin with a healthy approach firstly you have to create a clean space that makes it easy for you to work every day, with excitement. You have to make sure that your kitchen is cleaned, and check your fridge, and pantry. See whether you have any expired food or spoiled food if yes then remove it and clean the area. This will make space for new or fresh foods. If your fridge is not getting clean before a fresh stock will indirectly make your food unhealthy.


8. Use better fats

Use better fats

Using vegetable oil can cause heart disease, other chronic illnesses, and obesity. As when this oil is been heated it releases polyunsaturated fatty acids, which directly or indirectly will affect your health. Make use of coconut, avocado oil, and olive oil. Eat food, and fruits in which there are good fats. You can think about ways of cooking that do not involve too much fat.


9. Limit sugar and avoid snacking

Limit sugar and avoid snacking

Nowadays there is food that includes hidden sugar, and the interesting fact is that we don’t even get to know about it. You must be knowing that refined sugar consists of empty carbs, so make sure while buying the food. Try and eat healthy snacks which will be good for your body. You can eat fruits, or replace the chocolate bar with a granola bar which is way healthier. One should always focus on main meals and provide the body with healthy calories and well-balanced meals. Try and limit the sugar as it spick the blood sugar level of the body, and keep track of the intake of sugar every day.


10. Taste Before You Salt

Taste Before You Salt

Do you know that just one teaspoon of table salt has about 2,300 milligrams of sodium? One should intake less amount salt because it may cause diseases like chronic kidney disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure. There are few people who add more salt while eating the food which is very bad for health. You should also reduce the use of processed foods that have high-sodium condiments such as ketchup, soy sauce, and barbecue sauce.

Cooking your Favorite Foods in Healthier Ways

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